7 - Hackers and Cheaters in Gaming

Episode 7 February 08, 2021 00:50:26
7 - Hackers and Cheaters in Gaming
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7 - Hackers and Cheaters in Gaming

Show Notes


We talk about Spoilers this episode. so like. be warned and stuff.

Baddie is still dying, Donut's audio is good for once, Eli is still a prick. This week things hit the wild west, Mrs. Pac Man lovers, DIRTY hackers/cheaters in gaming, Mat Best's secret love of anime to spoil things for Eli, Movie/TV spoilers, DONT SPOIL STUFF, Willerz Birthday that Eli missed, annddd all the old movies that we used to watch back in the day that are older than half of our audience. 

Enjoy, be gone thots.    

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