11 - RAGE GAMING, Ft. Caleb Francis

Episode 11 March 15, 2021 01:15:50
11 - RAGE GAMING, Ft. Caleb Francis
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11 - RAGE GAMING, Ft. Caleb Francis

Mar 15 2021 | 01:15:50


Show Notes

So Mr. Donut is gone this week, but FEAR NOT!! We forced Caleb Francis to join us! Turns out he loves us, he is our Double Donut. 

We ask our new Friend Caleb about his intro into gaming, MANA POTION NIGHTS on Twitch, Console vs PC gaming, Using Controllers on PC, the MMO gear grind, Caleb spartan kicking a door off the frame, you know, normal stuff. 

We miss you Donut, come home to us!!!

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